Sage Water Users Association
Sage Water Users Association



Annual Meeting Agenda

November 7, 2023 Annual Meeting


  1. Call to Order.


  1. Registration and Certifying Proxies.


  1. Proof of Meeting Notice.


  1. Introduction of the SWUA Officers and Directors.


  1. Approval of 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes.


  1. Reading of Annual Financial Reports.


  1. Discussion of Finances.


  1. Report from Charles Hagedorn regarding wells/sale of wells


  1. Unfinished Business.


  1. New Business:




  1. Election of directors:
    1. Nominations, two directors’ terms expiring
    2. Voting
  2. Confirmation of appointed Directors


  1. Discussion regarding phone system


  1. Adjournment


  1. General Discussion open to members. Comments are limited to 3 minutes.


Rate Increases
Document talks about upcoming rate changes.
SWUA Rate Increases.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [352.5 KB]

Where To Find Us:

Sage Water Users Address

7661 McLaughlin Rd, #291

Falcon, CO 80831



Current System Status - For information call 719-660-3076

Joining Sage Water Users Association

Sage Water is a home owner owned water system. Membership is required to receive water service. For more information, use our contact form or download our registration form directly. We look forward to hearing from you! Application is located in Documents.