Sage Water Users Association
Sage Water Users Association

Sage Water Surface Water Protection

This is the Source Water Assessment Report for Mid-Colorado Investment. It was created in conjunction with the Sage Water Users Association Board of Directors. I covers the entire system from the water source to delivery to your home.
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Sage Water Surface Water Protection Brochure
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Home Owners Guide to Protecting Water Quality
Home Owners Guide to Protecting Water Qu[...]
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SWUA Emergency Response Notification Card
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Lawn Care & Protecting Our Water
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Pesticide Use & Protecting Our Water
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Septic Smart Homeowner's Guide
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New State Regulation


There is a new state regulation that has gone into effect in regards to field hydrants used for watering livestock.


In essence, it will require homeowners to install a backflow device on any field hydrent/faucet, that you use to water livestock, by this fall.


The backflow device is a simple vacum break that you screw on between the faucet and your hose. The device will prevent a syphon effect if the system water pressure is drops. The intent is preventing contamination of the system during a line break.

What is Bacflow/Cross Connection
CSUtil CrossConnection.pdf
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Backflow Preventers
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Where To Find Us:

Sage Water Users Address

7661 McLaughlin Rd, #291

Falcon, CO 80831



Current System Status - For information call 719-660-3076

Joining Sage Water Users Association

Sage Water is a home owner owned water system. Membership is required to receive water service. For more information, use our contact form or download our registration form directly. We look forward to hearing from you! Application is located in Documents.